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Informatics, seen as a tool aided to simplify the work in any field, is the common thread that ties my professional activities and my hobby, photography.

From this point of contact, it aroused the need to combine expertises gained in areas seemingly far apart (such as languages and implementation and management of websites) into a single expertise with different branches, ranging from translation of computer and technical texts, DTP services until the creation of static and dynamic websites.

  • Translation of software and hardware, informatic texts and websites localization. Proofreading and DTP

    Highly technical texts that need specific knowledges in order to be translated or localized. Proofreading and DTP service.

  • Websites creating and managing

    Creation of static and dynamic websites by CSS-based templates and Joomla platform customization and adaptation. An added value that helps providing a complete service for anyone who needs to create his own storefront on the web.

  • Photography

    Mainly a passion, a hobby, but it allowed me to come near the industry manuals.

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